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Bioterrorism in East African Region

 regional bb confrenece


Examining strategies for Biosafety and Biosecurity Multisectoral Collaboration


  1. Emerging and re-emerging infections in the EAC
  2. Workers' health and saftey protection in the EAC
  3. Multisector preparedness for Bioterrorism in the EAC
  4. One health concept, Zoonotic risk potentials in EAC
  5. Food and Beverages safety and security in the EAC
  6. Knowledge and skills development
  7. Regulation and Legal Framework

Key Note Speakers

  1. Regulation and legal frameworks for Biosafety and Biosecurity in EA- UNCST/ Dr. Otim Onapa Maxwell
  2. Current Global Health Security strategies, challenges and future demands-CDC
  3. Safety, security and economic implication of emerging and re emerging infections in EAC- WHO
  4. Application of Biosafety and Biosecurity in One Health concept; Zoonotic risk potentials in EAC- Prof Karuiki Njenga
  5. Building an effective multisectoral biosafety biosecurity program in EA; the only tips you need-Dr. Micheal Weaver IFBA

Other speakers

  1. Multisectoral biosecurity preparedness in EA; case study case of Uganda police- Gen Kale Kayihura
  2. Possibility of an effective Biosecurity management program in EA- Dr Mark Van Passel, RIVM Netherlands
  3. Detection and testing capacities of bioterror agents in EA region; the need for coordinated mapping- Dr JJ Lutwama UVRI
  4. Biosecurity management Multisectoral weaknesses, challenges and future direction for EA region; a case study of Kenya –Kenyan Delegate
  5. Assessing that drink; food and beverages safety and security in EA- Rwandan delegate
  6. The Biosecurity implication of proliferating animal trade and large scale farming in EA- OIE

Other important activities

  • 15th Nov 2016- Evaluation of successes by RIVM biosecurity  project in Uganda
  • 16th Nov 2016- National field epidemiology  conference



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