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CPHL hosted the National Forum Of PHLA Networks in Uganda(NAFOPHANU) to take their viral load. Over 1000 from around the country most especially central region came for the occasion. In the picture below is MR and MISS Y+. They were born with the disease and are now leaving a healthy life.

AIDS is not a sickness if the body is well taken care of by ensuring that drugs are taken as prescribed by the clinician. As they gathered, 4 clients narrated their stories as to how they contracted the illness and cautioned the congregation to take good care of their children. Below are some testimonies of the clients;

1.  Client one said, "While at school, my teacher who was a family friend lost his wife and after a short while, he requested for my help through my mom. The sympathetic lady accepted his request and let me do his house chores. Not once, not twice but he always requested for my help and at the end of the day he used me. I couldn't tell my mom because he always threatened me. That was how I contracted the disease and ended up as a call girl." She cautioned parents to stop trusting teachers with their children. Parents should ensure their children are always home with them after school.

2.  Client two said, "In my childhood, i always stayed home with the house helper as my mother went for business out of the country. When ever mom was away, the house helper used me and unfortunately she was positive. So i ended up contracting the disease as a child." He cautioned parents to ensure that they watch out on the house helpers. This may seem impossible as you have so many errands to run but ensure that house helpers are taken for checkup before they join you at home. 

Clients raised a number of concerns and the present doctor, Dr. Matin Zziwa was able to advise accordingly. He further advised parents who represent their children at the facilities as they pick up the medication to stop because the drug dozage keeps changing and so they need to be examed before prescription.