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NHLDS Successfully Hosts First Regional Train-the-Trainer Workshop on Sample Management and Referral

Kampala - 21 JUNE 2023 

The Department of National Health Laboratory and Diagnostic Services (NHLSD) under the Ministry of Health (MoH), in collaboration with the African Union-Africa CDC, has successfully conducted the inaugural regional train-the-trainer workshop on sample management and referral.

Over the course of ten days, the workshop took place at the Golden Tulip hotel in Kampala, bringing together participants from eight African countries, namely Comoros, Seychelles, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia.

Led by a dedicated team from Africa CDC, including Dr. Aytenew Ashenafi Eshete and Mutale Mubanga from Zambia, as well as experts from the NHLSD, the training aimed to enhance the participants' knowledge and skills in sample management and referral systems.

The Minister of State for Primary Health Care, Hon. Margaret Muhanga, officially closed the workshop, commending the participants for their dedication and Africa CDC for their invaluable support in building a pool of experts in the African region to effectively respond to both new and re-emerging epidemic disease threats.

Africa CDC, it was a good idea for your first ToT on specimen management to be conducted in Uganda. Our health system has been tried and tested with over ten filo virus outbreaks (Ebola & Marburg) and we have successfully contained them. It’s on record that we contained the recent EVD Outbreak in less than 4 months. We therefore have a lot of lessons to share—I hope the facilitators from Uganda have done so. Our laboratory department has always been pivotal in the rapid confirmation of cases due to an effective sample transport system & Mobile Laboratory deployment especially in the past Ebola outbreak response. We have built capacity as one of the best Sample referral network hub systems that are internationally recognized” Hon Margaret Muhanga.

Hon. Muhanga was joined by Dr. Daniel Kyabayinze, Director of Public Health at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Susan Nabadda, Commissioner of NHLDS, and Dr. Isaac Ssewanyana, Director of Lab Services, in recognizing the significance of this collaborative effort.

The workshop provided a platform for knowledge exchange, capacity building, and the sharing of best practices in sample management and referral, critical components in strengthening laboratory systems and improving disease surveillance and response across the region.

students for africa-cdc training

NHLSD and Africa CDC remain committed to advancing the capacity and expertise of healthcare professionals, enabling them to effectively address public health challenges in their respective countries. This workshop marks a significant step towards building a stronger and more resilient healthcare system in Africa.

By the end of the training participants created a network to continue sharing and exchanging ideas from their countries of origin.

Going forward, NHLSD and its partners will continue to work hand in hand to organize similar workshops and initiatives, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing to enhance public health capabilities throughout the region.