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NHLDS Joins National World Hepatitis Day Commemoration

Kazo district - 28th August 2023

The National Health Laboratory and Diagnostic Services (NHLDS) participated in the National World Hepatitis Day commemoration in Kazo District, Western Uganda, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other esteemed partners under the theme: "One Life, One Liver - Know Your Status"

The event brought together key stakeholders and the community to raise awareness about Hepatitis and promote vital health practices.


Highlights of the Commemoration:

Friendly Football Match: The day began with an exhilarating football match between the Ministry of Health (MoH) team and the Kazo District team. The spirited competition saw MoH emerge victorious, symbolizing unity in the fight against Hepatitis.

Hep B Screening and Community Health Sessions: Participants had the opportunity to undergo Hepatitis B screening, treatment and vaccination followed by engaging community health sessions aimed at equipping individuals with crucial knowledge about Hepatitis prevention and care.

The celebrations were graced by notable figures, including; Permanent Secretary MOH, Dr. Diana Atwine: Dr. Atwine emphasized the importance of personal responsibility in preventing Hepatitis B. She highlighted the concerning increase of Hepatitis B cases in the cattle corridor due to pastoral lifestyles. Dr. Atwine encouraged community members to get tested, seek treatment, and embrace vaccination, as Hepatitis B is now among the 14 immunizable diseases in Uganda.

She was accompanied by the ministry Under Secretary, Kenneth and NHLDS Senior Management Team: Dr. Isaac Ssewanyana, Patrick Ogwok, Denis Aisu, and other senior officials from NHLDS joined hands with MoH to underscore the importance of collaborative efforts in combating Hepatitis.

MoH's Action Plan Against Hepatitis B:

Dr. Atwine outlined the Ministry of Health's comprehensive strategy for Hepatitis B prevention, including:

  • Testing Pregnant Mothers: All pregnant mothers are tested for Hepatitis B, syphilis, and HIV/AIDS under the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission program.

  • Single-Dose Injections: Utilizing single-dose injections to enhance accessibility and effectiveness of Hepatitis B prevention.

  • Blood Screening: Implementing rigorous blood screening protocols for Hepatitis B and other viral infections.

  • Zero Dose for Newborns: Ensuring that newborns receive the essential Hepatitis B vaccine.

Community Engagement:

The commemoration continued with day two activities in Burunga sub-county. A community Baraza provided a platform for constructive dialogue between the Ministry of Health, district officials, and the public. Issues such as health worker attitudes, delayed medicine supplies, health infrastructure gaps, and concerns about unregistered private clinics were discussed, reaffirming the commitment to address these critical healthcare challenges.

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