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Uganda has been the first country to host a face-to-face LabCoP conference of 11 membership countries. These include Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

LabCoP is a new initiative supporting knowledge co-creation and exchange to accelerate the scale up of viral load testing for improved patient management. Check out LabCoP background and virtual echo sessions conducted for more information.


  • To review and identify country and sub-population specific data gaps and success across the VL and EID cascade.
  • To identify innovative tools, best practices and solutions to guide VL and EID scale up in PEPFAR supported countries

The three day conference got country teams vigorously discussing and sharing ideas on demand creation, waste management, network optimization and result utilization.   

The countries formed discussion groups as seen above to discuss and develop main challenges for VLT scale up, root causes and priority areas for improvement. They were then awarded certificates of acknowledgment according to their performances.

As anticipated, the shared experiences from the various countries have enabled some to seek for assistance in order to adopt the best practices and accelerate the scale up of HIV VL testing.

 The meeting was wound up with an appreciation from the Executive Director CPHL, Dr. Susan Nabadda who appreciated the delegates from the various countries and the Ugandan stakeholders for the turn up, making the meeting a success. She was also grateful for the great work from the partners and the organizing team.  

Dr.  Kiyaga Charles who spear headed the meeting also thanked partners for the support that brought a lot of advancement in the health sector which has made Uganda an icon in the region. He further went ahead to give the background on LabCoP and shared the number of activities done by the project as seen on the ASLM website page (

The PS MOH Uganda, Dr. Diana Atwiine closed the meeting with an appreciation to all delegates and organizers for the deliberation. She urged the countries to continue with the collaboration to strengthen the sector.  

The team thereafter visited the state of Art Lab, UNHLS