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Kampala - 2nd February 2021 - The 2020 Annual quality management review meeting was held with a coverage of 22 accredited tests in conjunction with the National EQA Laboratory progress

During the QRM staff meeting at Royal suites Bugolobi, the customer care department represented by Ms.Prossy informed the staff that the laboratory documents procedure for the management of complaint or other feedback received from clinicians, patients, laboratory staff, or other parties. Prossy said records shall be maintained of all complaints and their investigation and action taken.

UNHLS provides clients with the necessary information of services and clarification to their request and, the cooperation to monitor the laboratory’s performance of the work performed. Complaints are captured by the department through the toll-free line, Email, Sample transport network, Training/Workshops, and Monday meetings. These are all the available mechanisms of customer satisfaction

From the Sickle cell department, the representative denoted that there many challenges that account for different facilities these include facilities lacking professional and adequate number of counselors to give results. Some facilities lack focal people to follow up on the positive children until they come back sick. Some facilities do not have clinics. In some places, the clinics have been established and closed off after some time.

On Risk assessment, Ms.Gloria said that the laboratory shall evaluate the impact of work processes and potential failures on examination results as they affect patient safety and shall modify processes to reduce or eliminate the identified risks and document decisions and actions taken.