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  • Anti-microbial Resistance, a growing public health threat in Uganda

    Today, Uganda National Health Laboratory Services (UNHLS) under Ministry of Health held a media breakfast meeting to update and sensitize the public on the growing burden of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

    Antimicrobial resistance refers to the situation where microorganisms become resistant to the medicine that was designed to kill them.


    Some of the common ways that build up to AMR include;


    A team from Buganda Kingdom led by Minister for Social Services (which include Health), Owek.


    Today the Senior Physicians, Pediatricians, Microbiologists, RRH Directors and RR lab managers met to discuss on increasing misdiagnosis of infections. The day began with dedication of the fraternity into the Almighty by the PS. Dr. Atwiine Diana through a prayer breakfast. It was then followed by the meeting that she called to order at 10:00am.

    As a preamble, Dr. Kalyesubula Simon said that people are complaining that the number of typhoid is high. A study done by Dr. kajumbula supported by World Bank found that those were circulating pathogens among patients below 5 yrs.

  • Inauguration of new LTC and its sub committees

    The National Laboratory Technical Advisory committee (LTC) was formed in 2004. Its a committe that advises on key issues regarding laboratories and functions for 3years after which membership is reviewed. This committe is chaired by a member of top management of the Ministry of Health who is currently Dr. Charles Olaro the Director Clinical Services.

    The committe is multi disciplinary and multi sectoral and the members must be experts in particular areas of lab services. This committee functions through sub committees and currently, there are eight sub committees which include 

  • WORLD SICKLE CELL DAY at Ministry of Health HQ in Kampala

    Yesterday marked the 11th annual World Sicklecell day. The day was commemorated at the Ministry of Health headquarters with the presence of the PS. Dr. Atwiine Diana, officials from the Busoga Kingdom like the Minister of Health, Owek. Dr. Balyeku Andrew, Buganda kingdom representative, Minister of Health Owek Dr. Ben Mukwaya, Prof. Ndugwa Christopher, Prof. Russell Ware, and the CPHL family.  Schools present at the function were Buganda Road P/S, Our Lady Luwero, Garfield Nursery, and Primary Sch, All Saints Christian Sch, Zainab baby & Junior school and Students from IUIU.  

  • Governance of the Bio-repository

    UNHLS handles and is being in contact with specimen from all over the country. Alot of these are clinical samples and we have the potential to do operational research because of being incharge of guiding labs country wide.  We took the road of building bio-bank based on the global security agenda. As UNHLS, we thought we could build this resource to address bio-security issues but also promote science.

    This meeting that began on Monday 5th/07/2018 has been attended by Implementing partners, researchers, DHOs, DLFPs and UNHLS managers. 


    Today, Makerere students led by the guild president, Papa Were Salim turned up for sickle cell testing at Freedom Square.


    To achieve the 90 90 90 strategy, on the weekend, the support team camped at Gombe Senior Secondary and St. Lawrence Horizon campus to sensitize students on HIV, Hep B, reproductive health, Sickle cell disease, cancer and syphilis diseases and how to prevent them. Over 300 students were screened for HIV and hepatitis B at Gombe S.S and above 200 at St. Lawrence.

  • IP Chiefs of Party and Executive Directors meeting on Lab Accreditation and Viral load program

    The IP Chiefs of party and Executive directors convened at UNHLS today for a meeting on Lab accreditation and Viral load programs. 

    Executive Director, Dr. Nabadda Suzan welcomed the team to a new year of focus, determination and hard work in order to have achievable goals.     

    Status updates on viral load program was presented by Dr. Martin Zziwa stating the progress on VL monitoring since Oct 2017 to date as may be extracted from the viral load dashboard.