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Patient's Charter August 2009


The government of Uganda is committed to ensuring access of all people to high quality health care services as granted in the constitution of Uganda (Social and Economic Objective No. XX of the 1995). Uganda government is progressively realizing the right to Health by championing the development of the legal framework through the development of the patient’s charter.

Ministry of Health is committed to initiate a process through which Patients’ Charter is put in place to ensure that the Rights of Patients are protected in the course of seeking health services.

The capacity of Ugandans to demand for their health rights is still limited due to inadequate awareness resulting from limited availability of the requisite information which translates into poor health indices. This charter provides a basis for a legal and regulatory framework in health that contributes to improved capacity for quality health care.

The Patients Charter is a result of joint effort by Ministry of Health in partnership with Civil Society Organization led by the Uganda National Health Consumers Organization (UNHCO).

The objective of the patients’ charter is to empower health consumers to demand high quality health care, to promote the rights of patients and to improve the quality of life of all Ugandans and finally eradicate poverty nationwide.

The patients charter and its constant review processes will enable health users’ to contribute to the development and contribution of the overall health care system, guide and improve the capacity of health providers in provision of high quality care.

The implementation of the Patients’ Charter will enhance community participation and empower individuals to take responsibility for their health. This will promote accountability and improve the quality of health services.

The Patients’ Charter would not have been possible without the concerted and protracted efforts of the Quality Assurance Department Ministry of Health, health workers training Institutions, Medical councils, Health Professional Associations, Ministry of Justice, Health Service Commission, Human Rights Commission, Constitution Reforms, and development partners. The contribution of Civil Society Organizations under the stewardship of the Uganda National Health User / Consumers.

Organization in the development of the Patients’ Charter is commended.

This charter is subject to the provisions of any law operating within the Republic of Uganda and to the financial means of the country.


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