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Network Administration

CPHL through it's stewrdship,is moving health laboratories from manual-based to automated high tech equipment. However, due to the high costs involved, it's difficult to equip the over 1500 laboratory units in the whole country. Instead, CPHL has designed a national laboratory speciemen referral system based on "Laboratory Hubs" . Network administration involves a wide array of operational tasks that enable a network to run smoothly and efficiently. Without network administration, it would be difficult for a smooth and logical organization’s operation.Under network Administration, the Network Administrator’s key role is to design, modify, install, and support the organizations’ computer local area network systems and network segments.The Network Administrator is also responsible for;maintaining network Integrity, ensuring desktop user support, resolving incidents and upgrade different types of software and hardware ,maintaining and availing relevant support documentation in order to assist all staff in the quick resolution of their incidents and service requests. Also the Network Administrator  enables users to become more self-sufficient. and resolves incidents with printers, copiers and scanners




Hub Module

Activity Module

Inventory Mgt System

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CRM system

VL and EID e-Archival