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The Ag. Assistant Commissioner, Division of Health Information, Ms. Kyozira Caroline officiated the dissemination of the Laboratory ICT Guidelines at Hotel Beovad in Masaka district  on the 13th March 2019. This is the first ICT guidelines in the Ministry of Health said the Assistant Commissioner. She applauded the HLIMS TWG and the laboratory for the efforts to finalize the guidelines which are going to streamline the implementation and operation of ICT in the lab sector.

Today's laboratories  use sophisticated technologies for diagnosis and that  requires basic knowledge in computer and having standard operating procedures which is guided by a policy documents or a guideline.

The Laboratory ICT guidelines provide guidance in ICT Asset Managment, Data nad Information Management,Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery as well as Communication. These guidelines will guide the facilities, Implementing Partners, Developement Partners, and Ministry of Health in the implementation of ICTs in the health laboratories in Uganda.


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