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Review of VL/EID Dashboard indicators

The VL and EID dashboards are systems that inform decision making to various groups of people. The dashboad users have for long presented a number of preferences and concerns that called for review of the dashboard indicators. 

This week, a team of Implementing Partners, users and system developers gathered at Hotel Brovad in Masaka district reviewing the dashboard indicators for both EID and viral load. The team was later joined by a group led by Executive Director CPHL, Dr. Susan Nabadda from offering support supervision to Rakai Health Centre addressing a number of concerns. 

As a program, a number of systems have to be put in place to bridge the gap and meet the 95:95:95 target. CPHL/UNHLS developers have developed a mobile and web app for tracking samples from the facilities to hubs then to CPHL as its final destination. Users input being key, the developers demoed the system and registered the required inputs.  

As a recommendation from the team, TB reference lab should also adopt use of systems to inform policy and reduce on turn around time.

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