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National Accreditation Assessment Debrief

The SANAS assessors met with MOH-CPHL representatives, IP Lab Advisors, DHO representative of facilities recommended for accreditation and Medical Superintendent of General Hospitals recommended for accreditation at CPHL/UNHLS  headquaters for a brief meeting before their departure. 

The National QA Coordinator, Mr. Ogwok Patrick, in his opening remarks informed members that efforts towards accreditations had started sometime back through the SLMTA program, coordinated by Mrs. Bakunda Kamaranzi, who also warn an Award for the same, and it was a pleasure to see that these efforts were yielding. He acknowledged the presence of representatives from the laboratories recommended for accreditation, IPs and Development Partners.

The Executive Director of AGPHF Dr. Kilian Songwe congratulated all partners who had participated in the accreditation process, including those labs such as Milday that were a success in November 2017.

The SANAS assessors said that they were overwhelmed by the performance of the labs and the enthusiasm shown by the lab personnel. As an observation, they were puzzled as the workflow in the labs differed from one to another. There is need for evaluation by the QA team into this matter. They noted that the lab staff were competent but there were areas of concern across the labs, especially lack of reagents for controls, that led to reduction of marks from all labs. They declared three labs recommended for accreditation i.e Nsambya, Kayunga and Kiryandongo Hospitals.  


They recommended that;

  • More funding be invested in these reagents.
  • The different bodies should work together as a team to attain their goals. The lab staff need support to clear all gaps.
  • Need for hard work during this three months

Remarks from representatives of the recommended labs

       Mr. Martin Mugyenyi the lab manager St. Francis Nsambya Hospital Lab made the remarks. He reported apology from the Director Nsambya Hospital, who could not make it to the meeting 

He thanked the SANAS team, the mentors, lab team, and all stakeholders for supporting the labs through the accreditation process. He noted that the key learning experience was that the accreditation was not a one man game but needed all players in the health facility and at coordination level. He was glad to note that this process had enhanced the clinicians’ lab interface. He expressed fear concerning the sustainability, especially in regard to the frequent transfers of staff. He called upon IPs to work on sustainability. He recommended that one of the ways would be supporting trained staff to build capacity of other staff before transfer.

      Medical Superintendent of Kayunga Hospital appreciated the lab team of Kayunga hospital, the MOH for the support to the lower centers even below Regional Referral level, the AGPHF especially the mentors Mashate and Belinda, MUWRP the IP and the Assessors.


Mr. Philiam Aleti remarked on behalf of CDC Uganda. He expressed apology on behalf of senior colleagues Mary Naluguza, Ag. Branch Chief and Dr. Donna Kabatesi.

He thanked the SANAS assessors for conducting the exercise professionally, the CPHL for stewardship, AGPHF for helping lab staff understand the concept of accreditation, appreciated the lab personnel for changing attitude towards quality,  and the District leadership for supporting accreditation.

He informed members that accreditations cascaded into the CDC work plan under the PT and CQI objective, and its indicator was number of labs accredited. He was glad that this increase in number will be reported.

He noted that the misdiagnosis of HIV has been up to 10%, which meant high unnecessary expenditure on overall cost of care, that is, monitoring tests, drugs, etc. With quality services provided by these accredited labs, this percentage will remarkably reduce.

He appealed to all for need to work together to ensure that the RRH meet International Standards to reduce referral of the samples to central labs. Pledged to work with the CPHL to maintain the accreditation status, using the budget allocated to accredited labs for sustainability.

The moderator appreciated the key members of the National Accreditation Committee namely, the capacity building officers in charge of training and mentorship, Bakunda Kamaranzi and and Patricia Anok Akello the capacity building officer in charge of mentorship.

Closing remarks made by the Senior Lab Advisor, Mr. Aisu Steven, on behalf of the ED of UNHLS who could not attend but dearly missed the meeting due to pre-arrangements for a MOH Top Managers trip to represent labs oversees.

He appreciated the lab staff, all IPs namely MUWRP, IDI and UCMB and hospital directors. He reiterated his experience 37 years ago when he submitted a concept paper on accreditation to Hospital Top Management and it was applauded but not taken on at first because it seemed too good to be achievable. He was happy to note that that same accreditation was currently the heart of lab operations.  He once again welcomed the assessors to Uganda and wished them a safe travel.








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