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HMIS Tools Review Workshop

To enable evidence based decision making in laboratory service delivery, CPHL/UNHLS started the process of standardizing facility level data tools as part of a broader strategic initiative of establishing a reliable Health Laboratory Information Management System (HLIMS). This week, from 16th to 20th April a team of officers representing the laboratory fraternity engaged in intense deliberations while finalizing the standardization of the facility level set of HLIMS paper-based tools at Jinja Nile Hotel. The standardized facility level HLIMS tools are to be submitted to MOH Division of Health Information (DHI) for consolidation into the national HMIS tools. These standardized tools include:


  • Routine Laboratory Testing and Referrals
    • Laboratory request form
    • Sample rejection form
    • Laboratory results report form
    • Sample referral form
    • Sample reception register (for capturing records on sample collection, rejection, and referral)
    • Hub register
    • The following existing daily activity registers were also reviewed
      • HCIII Daily Activity Register
      • HCIV and General Hospital Daily Activity Register
      • HIV consumption log
      • CD4 and VL register
      • TB request form and register
      • Hematological indices register
      • Clinical Chemistry register
      • Blood bank register
  • Equipment and Logistics Management
    • Equipment inventory register
    • Equipment breakdown report form
    • Equipment breakdown register
    • Equipment maintenance log
    • Routine Equipment Service Log
    • Order form for HIV test kits
    • Order form for laboratory reagents, consumables, and supplies
  • Biosafety and Biosecurity
    • Biosafety and biosecurity incident report form
    • Biosafety and biosecurity incident register
  • Microbiology and AMR surveillance
    • Microbiology request and results report form
    • Microbiology daily activity register
    • Microbiology national level periodic report
    • WHO GLASS AMR report
  • Periodic Reporting
    • Monthly facility level laboratory report
    • Quarterly facility level laboratory report


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