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Interaction of Clinicians with the Uganda National Health Laboratories

Clinical heads from Kiruddu medical Services and Mulago Paediatrics & Surgery had interactions with UNHLS from Monday 15th Jan 2018 and ended today 17th Jan 2018.

The objectives were;

  • Share challenges met for the referral tests offered.
  •  Update Test menu for reference testing services.
  •  Research collaborations
  •   Work as a team in improving health care delivery.

The interaction yielded a few challenges faced in Mulago Hospital

  • Hb electrophoresis test is not done due to lack of space because the current lab is quite small.
  • Some clinical Chemistry tests are not carried out due to lack of reagents
  • In Atomical pathology, there are few laboratory personel 
  • Need for revision of the microbiology HMIS register due to its complexity
  • etc...

As a result of the discussions, CPHL Executive Director, Dr. Susan Nabadda promised to provide Mulago with a motor bike to help in transportation of referral samples to UNHLS and also ensure that Mulago receives VL/EID/SCD results electronically. 

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