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Point-of-care EID stakeholders implementation meeting

As a means to reduce on turn-around-time and identify positive infants from the different entry points at a facility, the meeting involved Directors of RRHs, Medical Superintendents and Health facility Incharges from the 32 selected sites for the pilot using the 3 technologies(Alere Q, SAMBA II and GeneXpert).

Historically EID has had a centrlized system since 2003 through the HUB system and statistically 80% of mothers know their status but 60% enrolled on ART in PMTCT service and 18% of he positive infants having PMTCT services, leaving out the other entry points (i.e Nutrition and patient wards) that have overwhelming numbers compared to PMTCT point.  Therefore routine EID testing recommended and maternally testing every after 3months after birth to prevent zero converts. 

The three EID pilot devices include Alere Q, SAMBA and GeneXpert. These technologies have been tested and proven to reduce the turn around time to hours which basically enables a patient to receive results that very day. Through site assessments, 15 Alere Q were alocated to 12 facilities, 10 SAMBAs to 5 sites and 8 new GeneXpert machines to 8 facilities.


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