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Today marks the end of 2 weeks mentorship for the 9 sites under A-LIS pilot scheduled to run for 6 months as the lab officials are left to explore the system in depth with routine supervisions by the UNHLS-HLIMS TWG. The pictures below are taken from the sites as the lab staff interact with the system.

As data collection and information remains a major driving force in health sector today for decision making, an electronic information management system is usually adopted to ensure info reliability and timeliness. The UNHLS-HLIMS TWG developed an electronic Laboratory Information System (A-LIS) for this function.

ASLM-Laboratory Information System (A-LIS) is one of the software solutions for Health Laboratory Information Management System (HLIMS). Installing A-LIS in public and private health centers (HC) enables laboratories to receive electronic laboratory result report of referred samples and laboratory test requests from clinicians. Laboratories are also able to generate electronic laboratory test result report, patient laboratory history, data values for HMIS 105-6, 033A, 033B, orders for supplies and laboratory information for referral samples. This e-LIS has been tested and validated by a wide range of people in different disciplines.

The pilot at the 9 sites commenced on 10th July 2017 as a team of developers and mentors were sent to the sites/facilities to ensure that the system meets the needs of the end user. The 3 programmers stayed a week at a site to ensure the necessary updates made as per site leaving a mentor for 2 weeks training and endeavoring proper use and understanding of the system. 


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