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Laboratory SPARS (Supervision, performance, Assessment, Recognition and Strategy) is a complementary module to the SLMTA training package, specifically tailored to strengthen laboratory logistics. The SPARS approach is a multi-pronged intervention that employs four strategies: educational, managerial, regulatory and financial strategies coupled with performance assessment. Laboratory SPARS is designed to improve laboratory supplies management with emphasis on Stock Management; Storage Management; Ordering, Receipt and Recording; Laboratory Information Systems and Laboratory Equipment, in health facilities across the country. Venue: UNHLS Date:20th Feb- 3th Mar 2017

Training Objectives

  1. To equip participants with concepts of laboratory supply chain management
  2. To provide participants with knowledge and skills in Stock Management, and Rational Use of laboratory reagents and commodities
  3. To creatively develop and implement tailored interventions to improve laboratory logistics performance
  4. To train and equip participants with the skills required for conducting lab SPARS training
  5. To review materials that had been previously developed as modules for Lab SPARS

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