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The CDC Atlanta team led by Uganda CDC Country Director, Dr. Lisa Nelson paid a courtesy call to the newly appointed Ministry of Health Department, NHLDS(National Health Laboratory and Diagnostic Services).

The team was gladly received by none other than the Executive Director, Dr. Susan Nabadda.

After a brief meeting, the team took a facility tour to NMRL Lab, Viral Load & EID labs, Calibration Center and the Supra National TB Reference Lab. 






Mr. Kenneth of NTRL pointed out how data is collected from the different sites through the Implementing Partners weekly due to the complexities in network connectivity to the respective sites. He further explained data access.

Dr. Lisa said that the expert platform can be used for many tests such as ebola, and much more but in most countries like Uganda, the TB programs are abit possessive over the machines. They don't want them being used for other tests because of the complexities in machine decontamination. "According to the accessment, the expert platforms are being under utilized.  We are not exceeding the expert capacilty for TB due to fears by the National TB program that the machines not be used by any other apart from TB diagnosis", she said.

The current drive is to have 16 modular machines in the busy centers to mitigate the fears, says Mr. Kenneth.