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Guma Gaspard

Guma Gaspard
Member Position/Designation: 
Technical Advisor

Formerly Chief Medical Laboratory Technologist in the Ministry of Health, retired from the civil service and now in the current capacity on contract.

His docket includes: advising on policy and standards; overseeing laboratory based disease surveillance and outbreak response; advising on legal and regulatory aspects of laboratory services ; and guiding  the preparations for transforming the current Central Public Health Laboratories (CPHL) into a new more robust semi-autonomous  Uganda National Health Laboratory Services (UNHLS).

Because of his very extensive experience in the national health laboratory system , Mr. Guma  is often called upon to advise in other  thematic areas of laboratory services not under his docket. This has earned him the nickname “Grand Father of Labs”.

He chairs the Policy & Standards Sub-committee of the National Health Laboratory Technical  Advisory Committee (NHLTAC) and is a member of the National Task Force (NTF) for the laboratory  containment of wild polio virus.